Basement Renovations Windsor, ON

Remodeling your basement is a great way to take better advantage of a part of your home that may be underutilized or neglected. At Full Service Group, our team is glad to help local homeowners meet their basement finishing needs with unique basement remodeling concepts. Our comprehensive approach to basement remodeling offers several notable benefits that can help you transform your basement into one of your family’s favorite places in only a few weeks.

Whether you're looking at a major revamp for an old, unfinished basement, or simply need a few updates in an existing living space, we've got the tools and experience to make it happen. Just think of all you could do with another floor in your home! With our professionals, you can install a new bathroom and create an apartment in your basement! All of our work meets the requirements of local codes and regulations regarding ceiling height, plumbing, and electrical work, that's why they call us the Full Service Group!

Contact us today to learn more about how easy your next Windsor, ON Basement Renovation can be! We guarantee to get the work completed within your budget and on a timely schedule.

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